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​As an artist, I choose to emphasize the blessings and beauty that are all around us. The world has enough trouble of its own-- it can be a confusing and chaotic place, and I want to contribute to its healing. Having my own share of personal struggles, I choose to highlight moments of joy and solace as a means of inspiration and consolation, for myself as well as for my audience. I also want to express the delight I find in the creative process, injecting a sense of playfulness where I can, and trying not to take myself or my subject matter too seriously.

I come from a family of creators. Both of my grandmothers were seamstresses, my grandfather was a self-taught painter, my father and brother are woodworkers, my mom is a quilter, my sister-in-law is a photographer, my son is a videographer and my youngest daughter is studying graphic design. Regardless of careers, we are all "makers" and I enjoy passing that love of creating to others. I relish the opportunity to help others reconnect with their creative side, and learn to become life-long art appreciators. With a Masters degree in Art Education, I have taught every grade, preschool through college at some point. 

A native of Upstate New York, I've lived on Maryland's Eastern Shore for the past 17 years. When I'm not creating, you'll probably find me Face Timing my three-year-old granddaughter Joy in Korea, ministering to women in my community, or spending some time outdoors walking, biking, or hanging out on the beach. But my absolute favorite pastime is hanging out with my husband Art (ironic, I know) and my kids, Emily, Arthur and Katie--my three most treasured creations. 

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