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Sanctuary (2024)

You know the feeling: wearily hiking along, the path grows longer than you expected, pines, leaves, stones and needles all merging into a mellow, repetitive background until suddenly, you round a bend and encounter a view that takes your breath away. We stop, savor the beauty, and leave renewed.

I had this experience last fall on an unusually warm October day while hiking with my son in Middlesex Fells Reservation near Boston. When I returned home, the photo on my phone just didn't do the image justice. Rather than a sun soaked scene, the colors were flat and subdued. So I experimented by turning the photo's saturation all the way up. The effect reminded me immediately of the stained glass windows I would stare at every Sunday growing up in church--vivid blues juxtaposed with sunny oranges, the jutting black lines of the pine branches and interplay of light causing your eye to dance across the scene.

As I enjoyed the play of contrasting colors and sunlight and shadow, I was reminded that we are designed to light up when we invite the Presence of God in our lives. As in this view, the Light Source may not be directly visible, but it's evidence shines through and encourages others to stop, consider, and be renewed, too.

He is the Light of the World. When we follow Him, we become the Light of the World. In His Sanctuary, I am encouraged, filled and lit by His Presence, and my hope is that, when you see me, you see Him shining through and reaching out to you as well. May His blessings be on you today!

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