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Cathedral (2024)

Soaring spaces. Stained glass filtering ordinary daylight into an other-worldly display of color, bringing ancient stories to life. A mingling of scents and sounds of silence beckon pilgrims to pause and reflect with humility on the awesomeness of their God.

Over the centuries, generations of craftsmen worked to create cathedrals that would transport worshippers into a space of reverence and awe, but I enjoy a similar experience as I make my way through the woods. It doesn't matter if it's a new path or one well known, I always experience it in a new way, and it always leads me to worship the One who Created it all.

This piece, "Cathedral," is a companion to one I blogged about previously, called "Sanctuary." Both reference scenes from a walk in Middlesex Falls outside of Boston. I have been experimenting with light, both seen and perceived, and I exaggerated the colors by turning up the saturation, creating a stained glass effect. I love that the light peeking through the trees was the touch that made this painting come alive.

In reflecting on this scene, and the subsequent painting, I am struck by the pace by which most of us are living and the subsequent struggles people have with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Whatever our circumstances, we do well to intentionally carve out time for spiritual renewal and growth. For me, Creation not only relaxes and refocuses me, it points me to something larger, to my Creator. It is through worship I begin to understand my secure place in this world because of His great love and care. It is through worship that real Purpose is formed in my heart. It is through worship that I find true Peace.

How about you? Do you create time for renewal and spiritual growth? Where do you find your peace and purpose? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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